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Kanata Noodle house saw 30% increase in food orders after implementing Menu.ca's online ordering system

At the start 2013, owner Ha Nguyen was introduced with the idea of online food ordering through Menu.ca. The adoption of online food ordering not only grew sales for Kanata Noodle House, but it's retained customers who continuously come back ordering more through their website. [read more]

Owners of Lucky Star Chinese Food says Online Ordering has helped increase sales by 25% and made it easier for customers to order Chinese food.

By offering an online solution to them [our clients], we reduce our time on the phones and they get to think through their choice longer. We even have a poster on our window that advertises our online ordering option. As a result of our website and online ordering system, we have seen an increase of 25% in food orders compared to last year. [read more]

Ottawa-based Pizza Chain Increases its Online Footprint and Gives Customers the Option to Order Online.

Milano Pizzeria has been in the business of making delicious food, primarily pizza, for over 40 years. They have over 25 locations throughout Eastern Ontario. Since June 2013, the Ottawa-based pizza chain started to offer online ordering through their website. Customers quickly started to adapt to this new way of ordering pizza and the orders continue to pour in. [read more]

"Online ordering is saving my staff from having to spend time on the phone. It is giving customers another gateway to conveniently place orders. I see a bright future with online ordering and all restaurant owners should embrace this technology as soon as they can."

- Ha Nguyen, Owner of Kanata Noodle House

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