Ottawa-based Pizza Chain Increases its Online Footprint and Gives Customers the Option to Order Online.



"Milano Pizzeria is always on the leading edge of technology. Since bringing 20 of our locations in Eastern Canada on MENU.CA’s online ordering system, we’ve been able to reach customers in ways that we weren’t able to years ago. The flexibility and convenience of ordering online is what customers want. MENU.CA has been able to tailor their custom online ordering system to all of our needs. If you’re looking for a solution that accepts orders online seamlessly and easily, MENU.CA is one of your best options."

– Mazen Kassis, President Milano Pizza Ltd., 2013

About Milano Pizzeria

Milano Pizzeria has been in the business of making delicious food, primarily pizza, for over 40 years. They have over 25 locations throughout Eastern Ontario. Since June 2013, the Ottawa-based pizza chain started to offer online ordering through their website. Customers quickly started to adapt to this new way of ordering pizza and the orders continue to pour in.


Menu.ca provides the tools and technology restaurants need to succeed and grow - offering a complete online ordering system along with internet marketing services allowing you to build customer loyalty, maximize brand power, and increase revenue.

Menu.ca was founded by James Walker and Chris Bouziotas. The mission is to help restaurants market their business online better, but also to provide online measurable outcomes with everything that they do. Unlike many of the online food ordering systems that are in the market today, MENU.CA will help with a restaurant's branding by providing them an online ordering system on their own website.


Milano Pizzeria had five main goals:

1. Build and maintain a consistent Milano Pizzeria brand online
2. Create a website where customers can find the closest Milano Pizzeria location to them
3. Publish and keep every location’s menu up to date including dish names and prices
4. Increase traffic to the website and promote their menu across multiple channels
5. Increase overall number of delivery and takeout orders through the online ordering system

How Milano Pizzeria succeeded with MENU.CA's Online Ordering System

Branded Website -- Before MENU.CA, Milano Pizzeria only had a basic website with all of their locations information. Since working with Milano Pizzeria, we’ve been able to redesign a user friendly website with built-in online ordering capabilities. We worked closely with each of Milano Pizzeria’s locations and the President to help build a consistent online brand. Today, customers have access to all of Milano Pizzeria’s most up to date menu items and prices for all of Eastern Canada. Customers can search for their closest Milano Pizzeria location and order directly on their website.

Robust Online Ordering System - The online ordering system is the gateway to Milano Pizzeria’s success online. Customers can now easily sign up and place an order right from their website. The order is then printed at the restaurant’s location for takeout or delivery.

Exceptional Food and Customer Service - Backed by their history of servicing customers for over 40 years, Milano Pizzeria’s friendly staff involved also helps to create the warm rapport with customers, which has them coming back for more every time. Milano Pizzeria has processed well over 3,500 orders to date and have over 2,500 online customers (December 2013).

Why Should a Restaurant Use MENU.CA?

The behaviours of our consumers today have changed. People are looking now looking online for recommendation and reviews for places to try. In a recent study by comScore, only 7% of web traffic to a website was from a non-PF device. Today, it is 15% (source). Search is the #1 smartphone browser activity (source) - this means restaurants need their menus online!

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Measurable Results

  • Average 12K visits a month to the website
  • Over 45K unique visitors from June 1 – November 30, 2013
  • Over 2,500 customers have placed an order online
  • Continuous growth in sales from June 2013 to November 2013 as a result of online food ordering
  • Google accounts for 65% of all traffic to the website, and 72% of sales online alone

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